Kelly Quinn, aka Throttle Girl, is a motorcycle touring adventurer, Long-Distance Rider & Endurance Challenger, industry spokeswoman and host of Throttle Girl’s Urban Bike Barn on YouTube. Dedicated to celebrating motorcycle culture while advocating and supporting American-based causes along the way, she is a staple at America’s greatest motorcycle rallies, LDR (Long-Distance Riding) Events, becoming one of the most inspiring and recognizable faces in the motorsports industry.

A strong, passionate and fiercely driven woman, Throttle Girl uses her status as a public figure in the motorsports industry to ignite the fires in people’s hearts, inspiring the American Dream in each of us. Throttle Girl is “Fueled on Passion, Driven by Purpose.”

Throttle Girl inspires Americans to “not only get your motor running, but keep up” honoring that which makes our nation great and its riding community. Covering more miles in a month than most will in their lifetime, Throttle Girl’s message is this: Grab your internal throttle and don’t let go. Find your power, and use it to make America an even better, stronger place to live. One of her favorite Rally cries, “Don’t let the world change your Freedom, let your Freedom change the world!”

Throttle Girl was born out of Kelly’s lifelong love of motorcycles, her inner passion to bring people together and realization that the motorsports community is one of the most strong and active cultures in America. What started as participating in and raising money for an LDR Challenge honoring a late friend has snowballed her into being the public figure we know today. We’ll be finding out where her road ultimately leads, but for now, we know America wants more adventures with Throttle Girl. Join her on the ride!


Throttle Girl explores America’s roads on two wheels, participating in long distance endurance races and documenting her travels to inspire and promote the American motorcycle community.


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