Throttle Girl WebTV

Throttle Girl’s WebTV brought to you from Throttle Girl’s Urban Bike Barn is promoted on social networks, in partnership with sponsors and produced specifically for Throttle Girl’s YouTube Channel; featuring weekly show segments that average 4 to 6 minutes in duration. With more content showcased in addition to our regularly scheduled segments, make sure to subscribe to Throttle Girl’s WebTV Channel on Youtube to catch them all! Tune into Throttle Girl’s WebTV segments for:

TG’s Nuts and Bolts: Throttle Girl gets an amazing amount of questions in regards to the equipment she uses and why, how to ride certain terrain, how she packs for long periods of time and even how she camps from the bike. These segments focus on ‘gearcentric information,’ foundational building thru advanced riding tips, safety and etiquette, LDR essentials, camping and wrenching segments to name a few. Starting at the foundation and working our way up, Throttle Girl covers the Nuts & Bolts.

Riding America with Throttle Girl: Touring America is what Throttle Girl lives for. Travelling the country nine months of the year, Throttle Girl films her adventures in National Parks, at Rallies, during events and while competing in LDR Challenges. Out there filming and experiencing the diversity and beauty America is rich with, Throttle Girl brings her adventures back to the Barn to share with you!

Know your Community with Throttle Girl: It’s no secret that the motorcycle community and industry is filled with some of the most amazing groups of big-hearted people that walk the earth. This is what makes our community one of the largest giving communities and ass kicking industries to be apart of. Throttle Girl catches up with industry celebrities, riders, event promoters, motorcycle groups, organizations and others in the industry, sharing and exposing their Rally Factor and pure awesomeness!

Throttle Girl’s Industry Spotlight: During Throttle Girl’s travels she makes a point to stop by different industry company headquarters, giving viewers a rare ‘behind the scenes’ experience as she learns how products are made, helps install and gets to know those who bring the riding community the products and accessories we’ve come to trust and love.  

Rally Factor with Throttle Girl: Throttle Girl is no stranger to the National Rally Tour and she loves attending runs and smaller community driven charity rides along the way too! Throttle Girl highlights the riding, people, vendors and areas these functions are happening in while helping to support and share the mission of those she rallies with!

Throttle Girl’s Special Projects: Throttle Girl takes on special projects throughout the year, typically to help support and drive advocacy to those causes she cares so deeply for. As special projects are announced and taken on, Throttle Girl documents the process and features them. Stay tuned to Throttle Girl’s social media platforms in addition to her Throttle Girl WebTV Youtube Channel, so you can be apart of these very unique and special campaigns that are designed to make differences along the way.

LIVE Q & A’s with Throttle Girl and Guests: Coming Fall/Winter of 2016, LIVE Q & A sessions with Throttle Girl and her special guests. Once a month, Throttle GIrl will be hosting a LIVE show giving viewers an opportunity to speak directly with Throttle Girl & the guests she invites for a visit! Industry professionals, company representatives and even celebrities! Tune in to get the schedule coming this fall and join in!

Keep in touch on social media and let Throttle Girl know what you want to see covered, feel free to send her or ask us a questions! We may just highlight and feature you and your great idea and remember, always Throttle Up!