Throttle Girl’s Rally Cry

Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU! Thank you for stopping by and taking the time to find out more about Throttle Girl and our mission.

I want to take this opportunity by start out by saying something I am not quite sure how to say other than just saying it. So here goes, from the bottom of my heart I want you to know that I personally don’t care to take a lot of time to focus on ‘me.’ Throttle Girl is truly not about me, far from it. Sure, I am indeed ‘that girl’ on my big ass Harley Davidson with my hair flowing in the wind behind me. You may have seen me in Sturgis yesterday, riding to New York today, at a function, rally, run or challenge or perhaps for that matter in a publication.

Yes, I do carry the Throttle Girl torch and I log the countless miles around America fueled on a vision and passion but it is very important to me that it is known and honored that the Throttle Girl movement is 100% about US and the strength that is possible when WE come together. I want more than anything to share this journey with you, OUR success depends on it and I have no interest in doing anything alone. YOU and YOURS help carry me so that WE can succeed in carrying out the Throttle Girl mission, accomplishing our goals and continue the development of the TG Custom Wheel.


Men, women, young, old…money in your pockets or lint in your pockets; whatever color your skin may be, god you chose to pray to or what ever part of the country you choose to live; city slicker or cattle rancher…as diverse as we are as Americans, my rally cry is to each and everyone of you and shows absolutely no bias. My promise to each and every one of you is this, simply stated: It’s about to go down. WE, you and I and all of our cousins, brothers, sisters, sons, fathers, uncles, mothers, aunts and daughters are about to crush some adversity, celebrate life and show this world that while we are a diverse group, one that often smells like exhaust and is heavily embellished with ink glorifying our skin, we are a two wheel loving family and one of America’s largest giving communities, even having motor oil under our finger nails. Even more simply stated: We give a damn and we are more than ready to Ride for a Difference. So when you hear me cry, “Throttle Up,” make sure you grab yours. Welcome to the Throttle Girl movement, the time is now the time is ours!