Supporting like-minded companies built on integrity, you will never catch Kelly Quinn aligning herself or Throttle Girl’s brand mission with companies that she does not personally use or support ethically or morally. This is her promise to the industry and to her fellow riders.

Working together to successfully develop campaigns on and off the road of life is yet another reason Throttle Girl proudly stands by those supporting like-minded interests. It’s together as a community and as an industry as a whole that we have the power and ability to move more than just bikes. Together, we move souls.

In 2016, Throttle Girl proudly stands by and is able to ‘Throttle Up’ with the support of the following sponsors:

Running my bike for long continuous periods, through different weather conditions and over diverse topographies, often times in the same day within hours, is hard on my bike. I trust that Crusher Performance will deliver the type of riding experience I demand of my ride while doing so in complimentary style. Crusher Performance has dramatically improved my horsepower, fuel efficiency and throttle response time. It has made my ride more reliable, complimenting my riding style, as well as made it safer too.

Crusher Performance

Not only does it help minimize maintenance and downtime, it has given me a little added reassurance that I’m going to be able to adjust and potentially get out of the way faster if need be. Though I’m a true believer that “loud pipes save lives,” it’s my experience that, after being in the saddle for considerable time, they’ll not only make you go deaf in the long run, but mentally exhaust you and others around you. I choose to go with a middle of the road sound, and I love that Crusher Performance offers a variety of options catering to all desires and all riding styles. With several diverse looks and styles to choose from, form, function and assurance is what you get when you choose Crusher.

Because of the wide variety of styles and products Kuryakyn carries, my bike has become a direct reflection of my personality, most importantly without losing any critical function or performance of my bike, which is always my primary concern. My bike is my trusted steed, literally my work horse, but make no mistake, I thoroughly enjoy making her look good while getting the job done.


Customization of your bike can be done in your own garage, at your speed of doing so and on your budget, again, without compromising the functionality and performance of your bike.

Having Legend Suspensions on my bike has made several positive differences in the functionality of my ride. Fatigue, and how to minimize it, is always a huge component I take into consideration when covering lots of miles. While having a ‘Caddy’ like ride has spoiled me rotten, the most profound difference is the confidence it has given me as a lady riding a touring bike that weighs well over six times my weight.

Legend Suspensions

When I’m at cruising speed, I’m able to find my sweet spot and float my way into the sunset. However, when needing to come to a stop, I can lower my ride closer to the ground and center my balance for an even better, more grounded positioning to balance my bike. At 5’7” I still find this useful and I think it’s a major asset to all lady riders. Currently riding on the Legend Aero-A’s, I am super pumped and extremely happy with the flexibility, function and performance. I’m able to control my ride by adjusting the spring rate and the rebound as well as controlling the PSI at the adjustment I select. As an aggressive female rider, I find that having the ability to adjust my Aero-A’s is optimal, dialing in my riding sweet spots just that much more based on demand, such as carrying heavy loads, towing or just riding solo getting after it in the twisties.

The importance placed on the performance and functionality of products I use and ride is paramount. Klock Werks KlipHanger Handlebars and the Klock Werks FLARE Windshield give me added security and both products help take fatigue out of the equation, allowing me to saddle up longer and log even more miles.

Klock Werks

Having the ability to adjust the KlipHanger Handlebars to custom fit my most comfortable positioning, minimizes the stress on my body, allowing for my most body-friendly position to be found. No two riders are the same, so to be able to custom fit your bars, not only height and distance from, but also by width of grip, is simply genius. The FLARE…need I say more? There is so much out there that I ride against in regard to elements and exposure, it’s nice to trust that my flare is working with me, not against me. Much more than merely a windshield, the flare uses only the latest engineered advances in aerodynamics, making my ride safer.

There are maps, and then there are Butler Motorcycle Maps. A must for ALL motorcycle riders (touring, adventure and dirt) who are addicted to exploring the roads less-traveled. The only interstate travel you’ll find here is the one you may have to cross to get to the real highlighted reasons we ride.

Butler Motorcycle Maps

Butler has given me the ability to venture off the beaten path in states and places I may not have otherwise, not because of lack of wanting to, but more because of having no idea they existed. Based on a ‘grading system,’ roads and routes are categorized by numbers, highlighted areas and a G1-G3 color coding system as well as a few other designations. This makes it ideal to select a road or perhaps even steer clear of one depending on skill level, load, etc., riders have the ability to seek adventure every mile of the way. I have explored more unknown roads and discovered more areas between point A and B while travelling America, than I could ever thought possible. The truth of the matter is, not having Butler Maps I most likely would have rolled right by and would have missed some of the best rides I have ever experienced, they are truly motorcycle riding treasure maps.

REVER is a ride tracking app brought to you by the Butler Motorcycle Maps family and is a tracking platform I find particularly useful. As a motorcycle touring adventurer, REVER gives me the ability to track, name and highlight my favorite rides and helps me keep a digital log/data journal of the adventures I take.


The friendly forum allows me to share my rides with friends, as well as meet and ride with new friends amongst the riding community, making it interactive and fun to play on. The natural born competitor in me is always drawn to the friendly challenges. My favorite use for REVER is as a tool during my LDR Challenges. Having the time elapsed, MPH and average time given allows me to pace myself, keep track of the time on the clock and aim for personal bests. Having the route traveled and its data highlighted on the map when finished riding has made it much more time efficient and easier to document starts and finishes for verification, while following the rules in each challenge. A relatively new platform, I look forward to seeing just where REVER is going to take us.

Kompact Kamp, maker of the Mini-Mate Kamper is what I lovingly refer to as my “summer home.” This lightweight small Kamper is easy to use, easy to pull and has more than enough room to sleep, stand and store items for living on the road.

Kompact Kamp

I am often stopped by people who just cannot believe how small it is, and yet, when I let them look in it, they are blown away by its roominess and size. Most importantly, it is extremely comfortable. At the end of the day after being on the road, I look forward to setting up the bed and sleeping soundly. Built of solid construction, Kompact Kamp is stable and built to withstand all that mother nature has handed at me. I would recommend Kompact Kamp to anyone who wants to experience life riding their motorcycle and pull their trailer to do so rather than pulling their bikes with their trailer.

BaggerSkins™ are a revolutionary customization product for your motorcycle featuring High Definition (HD) graphics applied in a seamless ‘wrap’ technique. As Throttle Girl, I have different campaigns and messages to promote across America.


BaggerSkins not only helps me do so but stands proudly by my efforts as well, supplying a non-permanent, cost-effective solution to customizing my bike to fit my style with all the looks and none of the commitment of paint. Our bikes become a direct reflection of our personalities and I like that each bike that chooses to use BaggerSkins tells a story as it travels down the road. BaggerSkins helps me design the art around my campaigns, helping turn my visions into reality.

Klim is the product every touring biker needs but perhaps may not know it. YET. Klim is known as the global leader in designing, developing and manufacturing the most advanced motor sports apparel for the motor sports industry, crossing over from the Adventure Rider and Snowmobile sector. Klim has been building gear for the world’s most demanding riders for quite sometime and I for one believe its about time that serious touring riders reap the benefit of their second to none product too.


Not only waterproof, breathable and durable, which allows me to keep riding thru inclement weather, regulating my core temperature with applied venting systems addressing all weather gradients, it also adds a new level of safety to my program with its lightweight, non-invasive protective padding in strategic places. This is one feature I know my pops is appreciative of as he rides above as my guardian angel. Coming from an action sport background, it is a privilege to work with and be a part of developing a cross over market, combining the technology that has been used in that arena and apply it to our touring communities specific needs. I look forward to the road ahead and being apart of Klim’s team as they make the transition further into our market and produce the quality products serious riders not only need but will come to demand.

Riding a motorcycle and participating in the sport of LDR, hosting events around the country and filming the journey along the way; there are two things I consistently battle and that have been a limiting factor in the past: Time and proper space for my video equipment needs. Both of these things are an essential part of producing quality content, especially when capturing a show as a one girl wonder aka not having a production crew or support vehicle following me. That was, until I found iOgrapher.


With todays technology advancements I am excited to say that using my Apple products as my primary tools for capturing content, in conjunction with the iOgrapher products and their pre-built filming and action camera kits, I have cut my set up time in more than half and am able to carry with me the tools to get the job done at the quality and professionalism my viewers deserve, the motorsports industry deserves and I demand. In 2016, I look forward to revolutionizing my efficiency and ability to tell my stories from the road launching Throttle Girl WebTV on Youtube July of 2016! This is an exciting time for technology and those who inspire to catch life one frame at a time, using iOgrapher has enabled me to take my production background and bring it forward adding to the reach I can have while continue on my mission of Rallying America. Way to Throttle Up iOgrapher!