“The world looks completely different from my bike. My senses are heightened and I can’t help but feel even more alive, and look at things from a whole new perspective. Within seconds of getting on my bike, my worries flow right off my back and the only thing I can do is grab my throttle a little harder and ride a little longer. Sharing this strength with people across America, being completely in the moment and looking at the world from this perspective…I gladly feel the wind in my face, reminding me that I am, indeed, alive.” – TG

 Indeed Alive

Motorcycle culture is intriguing and powerful. The motorcycle community is full of strength and unity, though often overshadowed by its ‘bad boy’ reputation. It is our absolute honor to expose this community as one of the most giving, passionate, supportive, hard working, American-dream-living groups in the world. With tight-knit riding groups and organizations in every American town and city ready to rise together for a good cause, the motorcycle community has immense power to make a difference.”



Hello friends,

If you’re reading this you’ve probably heard that I’m ‘that’ girl and trying to figure out what it is that makes me her. I’m that girl you see riding her big touring bike with a long blonde ponytail flowing behind. I was in Florida yesterday; I’ll be in California tomorrow. You might have run into me at numerous rallies, or heard of me hosting and emceeing events around the country, or maybe supporting sponsors I proudly stand beside along the way. Perhaps you followed me running an Endurance IBA (Iron Butt Association) or other LDR event or read of me in the pages of a magazine or at my blog. Hopefully you follow my adventures on Youtube and definitely stop clicking channels when you see me on TV! Seriously though, these are indeed some of my endeavors that help light the torch I carry and yes, I log all the miles in between: typically 30,000-40,000 miles a year when not in my Urban Bike Barn, with snow on the ground sanctioning such. That’s the 3 months of year I find myself producing content, planning epic riding adventures and working with groups, organizations and sponsors to plan lots of ‘Riding Season’ fun! It’s also true that I refer to LDR riding as my personal meditation time and I’m not afraid to jam out a 41 hour cross-country, coast to coast IBA to ground myself. Lastly, yes, I am one of the few women participating in this growing sport and series of up and coming riding events.

That’s me in a nutshell and what I do. What’s more important to me is that you know and take away, from visiting with me here, that it’s your friendship, your support and your strength that motivates me to continue logging the miles I do and traveling the road less traveled in honor of all of us. I share me with you to ignite fires both in those open to it and to stoke my own soul’s fire. With the underlying motivator of having the platform to be able to rally around the active US Military, US Veteran and American need based causes that I proudly stand beside and will never waiver from, your support means the world and I cannot do it alone. You, my family of fellow riders and the motorsports industry, keep me striving to thrive, not merely survive. A proud ‘Devil Dog’ USMC Daughter, my daddy used to tell me, “‘Can’t’ never did anything in his life.” Words I live by. Please know, be it out there riding or investing my heart into a project, all that I do I put 100% of my effort in.

To sum it up, it’d be fair to say, I’m that girl that lives to ride, explore and create amazing adventures. I live to honor our riding community and if I can help inspire people along the way and make some difference while doing it, then I am a blessed woman and will consider it a success at the end of my run, content with the mark I’ve left in my life. I’m that girl that’s trying to make the most of the freedom I was granted to do so and find it a privilege. So, just to be clear, when you hear me yelling out, “Throttle Up!” I’m not just talking about grabbing your external throttle, although I dig that too. I’m also talking about grabbing your internal throttle. Dig deep, pin it and don’t let up in any way, any time…ever. Thank you for your support, friendship and for continuing to inspire the fire in me personally.

Please keep in touch. Join me on my social forums of Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, subscribe to my blog and Youtube channel so we can continue riding together often! I look forward to meeting you in person on the road of life. Until then, make sure to Throttle Up!

– Kelly Quinn

AKA Throttle Girl